Organizational Behavior APA paper

In Chapter 14, we introduced the idea of conflict management and negotiation skills.
In this paper, identify what conflict is and provide an example of conflict that can arise in a healthcare setting. Using theory, describe how this conflict experience fits into the four basics types of conflict. Describe this example of conflict using the different levels of conflict. Develop strategies on how to identify conflicts and how to successfully review them. It may help to highlight the five conflict-handling modes. Use this exploration of conflict and theory as a way for future leaders to best handle/avoid conflict in the future.
Possible Deliverables for Option 5:
MHA 701 – SUMMER 2022 Final Assignment
– Highlight the processes of conflict and conflict resolution – using theory to describe the process
– Outline the steps that individuals should use to resolve conflict situations
– Identify the factors that contribute to conflict
– Identify and describe the factors that lead to effective conflict resolution
– Tie your conflict experience to existing theory or conflict frameworks