Organizational Behavior – Culture at Work

In this discussion, let’s challenge our paradigms about organizational culture, challenge our text teachings, and look at one of the most successful trends in business development and operations: The female-founded and operated organization. Significant research suggests woman-owned and operated businesses are culturally different from predominantly male-owned and managed businesses. Research links to get you started studying this trend as found in the next section, Learning Resources.

Learning Resources
Chapter 15 in your text (Organizational Culture at Work)
Research Links:

2023 Women in Business Trends

The company assigned to your group is the discussion case in which to apply Organizational Culture chapter learnings. Use the internet, social media, and that company’s website to learn about their organizational culture. (Hint: Sometimes you get more/better results by searching the name of the business with the owner’s name.) As you read, think about the match or disconnect between what is on your firm’s website and what information you find on reliable news sites/SM, as it pertains to their organizational culture. Use Chapter 15 as your guide for understanding the critical components of organizational culture.

Company: Stax
Owner/Founder: Suneera Madhani
Location: Orlando, FL


1. Your one complete post should begin with Paragraph 1- a brief description of the organization you are assigned (no more than one opening paragraph, ie about 3-4 sentences) followed by your responses to the following 2 prompts.

2. Study Figure 15.2 and the accompanying explanatory text. What kind of culture(s) does your assigned company seem to have? Why? Support your response with company research (include links so we can all follow).

3. Study Figure 15.4 and the accompanying explanatory text. What visible elements of culture(s) are present in your assigned company? Why? Support your response with company research (include links so we can all follow).