Pet therapy can be very effective

Have you ever felt alone and sad? The solution might be by hugging or petting any pet of your preference. Pet therapy is a broad term that includes animal-assisted therapy and other animal-assisted activities (mayo clinic,2020). Pet therapy can help you with various conditions, such as mental health disorders or heart disease but is not limited to those conditions only. This holistic therapy could improve your health by healing you from the inside to the outside. People who have participated in pet therapy have improved their mood and desire to fight whatever condition they are dealing with. The good thing about this therapy is that anybody can benefit from it. Some of the benefits of Animal-assisted therapy are helping people relax, providing comfort, improving cardiovascular health, and reducing loneliness. Pet therapy could be with the pet of your choice. It could be with a dog, cat, or hamster. Pet therapy is comparably cheaper than other medical treatments that are expensive. It does not have any side effects, and if the treatment doesn`t work, you could easily replace it with something else. In conclusion, pet therapy is an excellent alternative to pills or invasive treatments that could cause more bad than good. Reference: Mayo Clinic Staff. (2020, September 15). Therapy dogs bring joy and healing. Mayo Clinic. Retrieved May 22, 2022, from Animal-Assisted Therapy Research. UCLA People-Animal Connection. (n.d.). Retrieved May 22, 2022, from ———————————————————————– Write a 450 to 500 word draft of a persuasive speech. To complete the assignment: Organize your speech similar to this order: Introduction that grabs attention Argument 1 Argument 2 Argument 3 Conclusion that seals the persuasive intent Use this structure (or one similar) to create an outline that details the persuasive arguments or evidence from your research that you will use.