Policy Brief Presentation

Use your previous assignments to identify a policy related to the opioid crisis in Canada and create a Prezi or PowerPoint presentation that focuses on the development, needed change, or implementation related to your health issue. Policy briefs are overviews of issues that are intended to inform policymakers. The presentation should be succinct, colorful, and designed to catch the attention of a busy policymaker. See the attached document below for more information.
The presentation should have the following structure:
Executive Summary
An overview of the problem, why change is needed, and your recommendations for change
A clear statement of the problem, its causes, and why it is important
What are the key issues that are relevant to the health issue?
Approaches/policy options
Summarize facts, issues, contexts. Provide facts or examples that support the need for policy to change/impact/solve the issue.
Provide recommendations on development, implementation or changes that need to be considered to solve the health issue. Provide specific steps and reemphasize the importance of this change.
Each content component will have one or two slides.
Include a title and references slide
Use bullet points rather than paragraph form. The target audience is a policymaker, not a medical professional, so keep scientific jargon to a minimum.