Post Partum Hemorrhage

Here is the article that should be reviewed:

Directions for the assignment:
1) Provide an introduction in one paragraph. The purpose of this paper is to define and review statistics, summarize one research studies…..etc.
2) Define and review the current statistics (within last 1-2 years) r/t issue (20%)
3) Summarize ONE research studies, specifically summarize the problem, purpose, research question or hypotheses, cite and describe tools/instruments used, sample size, major study findings including major statistical findings including p values (i.e. < 0.05) for quantitative research or major themes for qualitative research, study limitations and study recommendations.(25%). 4) Identify and discuss current recommended EBP Practice/Treatment Recommendations (can be protocols/guidelines). Then discuss what is the nurse’s “role/voice” and the nurse’s role with the team and the interprofessional role in implementing care/changes/improvements in care (25%). 5) Identify at least two policy/legal and/or economic/global issues/implications specifically related to the topic (20%). 6) Use APA Format in writing paper and citing references and grammar (10%). These a few of these websites should be used for information: 1. American Hospital Association(AHA) 2. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) 3. Clinical Care Guidance for Healthcare Professionals about COVID-19 from the CDC 4. National Academy of Medicine (formerly the Institute of Medicine – IOM) 5. - Infectious Disease Society of America 6. National Patient Safety Foundation and Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) have combined together 7. Quality and Safety Education for Nursing (QSEN) 8. information/npsgs.aspx The Joint Commission - (TJC) 9. -- National Database of Nursing Quality Indicators