Presentation on Auteur Project

After you have concluded your research and screenings,
select a short clip from one of James Cameeron’s films you’ve chosen (no more than 3-5
minutes). This clip should serve as an interesting example of
her/his/their work. Then prepare a 2-3 paragraph introduction to your director
and this clip, to set it up. And then select TWO of the following “interview” questions to answer about your director – in a full paragraph per question.

INTERVIEW QUESTIONS (select 2, see #3 above)
In addition to anything you may have already said, name two themes or stylistic elements you saw in common between the films of your chosen director.
Do you think understanding your director’s personal biography influenced the ways in which you saw her/his films?
How do you think social, historical, or cultural context played a role in your chosen director’s content or stylistic choices?
Which film – of the ones you screened for this project – do you think showed the most evidence of your director as an “auteur”?
How did your research – especially about critical reception – about this director change or influence your impression of her/his films?
Out of everything we have seen so far, which other director, movement, or style do you think your chosen director most resembles?
Do you think the personal identity of your chosen director – gender, race, ethnicity, class, sexuality, nationality, etc. – was evident in her/his films?
Would you say that your chosen director made/makes films that are political? Or ideological?
What was the most surprising thing you discovered about this director and/or her/his films?