Quantitative Critique Paper

Instructions for Quantitative Critique Paper
The purpose of this assignment:
You will be critiquing two peer-reviewed quantitative journal articles in this course.
The objectives of this assignment are to help you learn to: (a) critically evaluate the quality
and credibility of the quantitative studies assigned, and (b) present references using American
Psychological Association style 7th edition (APA7), the standard writing format in our

The requirement of this assignment:
You must evaluate two quantitative articles from the list of
peer-reviewed articles
provided in Canvas. You can find these articles on the
“Quantitative Critique Paper”
assignment page in Canvas.
This assignment is a critique on the research methods only. It closely ties to what we
covers in this course, especially
Chapter 7 – Chapter 14.

Both quantitative critiques must
address all of the following items:

1. Using the APA7 manual and/or supplemental APA documents (provided on this
assignment page in Canvas), provide a complete APA style reference of the article you are

2. Sampling: What type of sampling was used? Can it be improved, and if so, how?
(Chapter 10)
3. Measures: Did the author(s) provide adequate evidence (or reference) of reliability
and validity on each instrument/measurement? Can the instruments/measures be improved,
and if so, how? (Chapter 7 & 8)
4. Data Collection: Did the author(s) adequately address how the data was collected?
Explain. (Chapter 9)
5. Research Design: What specific type of quantitative research design was used?
How strong (or weak) the research design is in terms of ensuring internal validity?
Specifically, was there manipulation of IV? Was random assignment used? Can the research
design be improved in terms of establishing internal validity, and if so, how? (Chapter 11-

Each critique paper must be double-spaced and between 400 – 500 words (main body
only, not counting references or title page). There will be point deduction for going under or
over the word limit. Each critique should be written in the APA7 format essay. Each question
should be clearly and adequately addressed based on the materials covered in the semester.
Using headings to divide each question into separate paragraph(s) is strongly
How you will be evaluated?
You will be evaluated on (a) the quality of your evaluation based on how well it
applies what we will cover in the course, and (b) the accuracy of using APA style.

List of articles you should choose from:

Hone et al., 2016 – MOOC retention link:

Jameson, 2014 – Adult learner math anxiety link:

Juang et al., 2016 – Social support to protect against discrimination link:







note APA errors are cumulative. That is, for each type of APA style error (e.g., indentation),
you get point deduction every time you make the error, up to five times. See the “APA7
Style Checklist” below. Some common questions are addressed in FAQ below.