Reflection of DSM-5

Instructions Video Link: Write a 3-4 page reflection paper based on the DSM-5 video. Address the following questions: 1. What new information did you learn from this video? 2. Do you think school counselors should have a working knowledge of the DSM-5? Why or why not? 3. How can you use the information from this video in your everyday work as a school counselor? 4. What do you hope to learn from this course? 5. As a school counselor, are you a mental health professional in an educational setting, or are you an educator providing mental health support? There is no correct answer here. This is a question designed to help you think about your current role as well as the role you would like to pursue as a professional school counselor. Please be sure to format your paper using APA guidelines. You must have a cover page and you must number your paper appropriately. Since this paper will be an opinion paper, you will not be required to include a reference page. PLEASE SEE RUBRIC ATTACHED BELOW