relating classical political history with today’s political society

We have discussed some of the major classical political philosophies, such as the
Athenian Model of the Polis, Plato’s “Just City,” and Aristotle’s more practical polity. They all
have differing political orientations towards issues such as leadership selection, education,
citizenship, the role of the individual, etc.

Choose one and write about how might they apply or not apply to today’s political society. In
other words, which characteristics of these ancient societies can you find in the United States
today, and which are lacking? And according to you, which aspects of those societies should be
included in today’s political society, and why? Conversely, which aspects of those societies
should not be included in modern society, and why?

NOTE FROM CLIENT: I choose to do Aristotle’s more practical polity. also there is a mandatory source which is:

Klosko, George. 2012. History of Political Thought: An Introduction, Volume 1: Ancient and Medieval,
2nd Edition. Oxford: Oxford University Press.