Research Essay – Talmudic Legal Tradition

Research Essay:
Talmudic Legal Tradition Assignment Overview

***********5 scholarly sources in addition to/other than the course textbook and the Bible*********

Textbook – H. Patrick Glenn, Legal Traditions of the World (5th ed. 2014). ISBN: 9780199669837.

For this assignment, we analyze the second major legal tradition that
developed, the Talmudic legal tradition. The Talmud is the major source of this
tradition and has been maintained for thousands of years. Often referred to as
the Jewish legal tradition, this tradition has influenced countless other
traditions throughout the world. This assignment hones
your research and writing and sharpens your analytical skills by
requiring you
to identify historical aspects of the Talmudic legal tradition, while also
deducing how the history has shaped the present in the United States.

This Module: Week you have read about the
Talmudic legal tradition, a unique legal system that has existed for thousands
of years. For this first essay, answer the following 3 questions:

Is this legal tradition a religious legal system?
How has this
legal tradition allowed the Jewish people to maintain their identity?
Has this legal
tradition influenced the legal system of the United States?

essay must be 5–6 pages in current Bluebook format and contain at least 5
scholarly sources in addition to/other than the course textbook and the Bible.
Wikipedia does not count as a scholarly source. Include headings for clear
organization. Cover Pages will not count toward the page total, and your
citations should be in-text citations (not footnotes, endnotes, reference
pages, etc.).

Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism