researching new technology

Assignment Description

In this assignment, you will investigate the use of new technologies and how they impact the senses.

Learning Outcomes

Students will recognize the connection between our senses with our health and wellness

You will conduct online research into the topic new technologies. Use the following Valencia’s Library resources:

APA PsycArticles; Gale- Psychology; and Sage Journals. You will find them at the following link for the Valencia College Library Databases:

You can also use the online research resource: Google Scholar

In your research, determine the impact of new technology (i.e. iPods, iPads, ear buds, kindles, and e-readers) is having on the health of our senses. You will reflect on what changes you can personally make when using such devices to help protect your senses from damage.

Assignment Formatting Guidelines

1 to 2 pages (500- 625 words)
Uniformly double-spaced throughout
Times New Roman, 12 font style
Works-cited page with at least (3) sources
APA style formatting