Resilience Story Essay

Resilience Story Analysis
A 1500-word, double-spaced, multimodal essay that analyzes a film as a resilience story.
Over the span of the course thus far, we have seen that resilience can be understood and depicted in many ways. Individuals and communities are capable of bouncing back (or bouncing forward!) from various kinds of impacts. And whether it is psychical or psychological violence, systems of oppression, or environmental disasters, Hollywood loves to tell stories of resilience wherein people and communities withstand, recover from, and transcend disruptions and disasters.
Your assignment is to perform a close reading of a film as you make an argument that it is a resilience story. Who or what is resilient in this movie? What makes them resilient? What do they bounce back from? When and how do they build resilience? What kind/s of resilience is/are depicted in the film?
You might even want to apply some rhetorical analysis to this resilience story. Who is the creator of this resilience story and why are they telling it? How does the film engage with the cultural/historical context in which it was first released or presently viewed? Do the genre and medium effect the way resilience is depicted and how the message of the film is conveyed?
Use at least 3 secondary sources, including no less than 1 piece of resilience scholarship, to contextualize your analysis of the film. The secondary objective of this essay is to introduce your audience to the concept of resilience, so be thorough and clear in explaining how the film is a resilience story while also engaging with the nuances of this particular discourse.
Since this is a multimodal essay, please include at least 3 visual references (such as screenshots from key scenes in the film) in the essay.