Social Media 3 Ups and 3 Downs in Emergency Management

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Social Media 3 ups and 3 downs
The purpose of this assignment is to assess, from a graduate
student’s perspective,
what we consider the three-ups and three-downs of
Social Media in Emergency
Management. The intent for you, as an
Emergency Manager, is to balance the value of
(and issues) relative the
use of Social Media in Mitigation, Preparedness, Response and Recovery
phases of Comprehensive Emergency Management.

What I want you to do is provide me a two page paper (with cover page
and reference
page) on the pluses and minuses of Social Media in
Emergency Management. The first page (double spaced with citations) will
present the three ups (or pluses) for the
employment of Social Media in
Emergency Management. The second page will do the
same thing except
discuss the negatives or downs of Social Media in Emergency
Any references to a Social Media Exercise should be ignored in this
classroom. I think everyone in the class knows and uses Twitter and
other basic Social Media tools. This paper will require a higher level
of (graduate student) reflection and
analysis into the issues relative
to Social Media in disasters and emergencies.

PS:The three ups and three downs of social media that you will be expanding
upon your writing assignment is on the file named “Three Ups and Three
Downs of social media in EM.docx” ( see uploaded file)