Social movements and protest politics

Write an essay on two (2) of the following questions:
Essays should each be approximately 1000 words each – that’s about 5 pages
typed, double-spaced each. They should be in ‘essay form’. Each essay is worth half of the
total mark.
Essays must make reference to the material referred below the question. You are free to use
any other material from the course in addition to that.
• Rely mostly on scholarly material (journal articles, books) and reports, briefs, etc. Remember
that searching on google using +.pdf after your terms will yield reports, often by
experts/scholars. Avoid relying on the popular press.

Question 1: When, if ever, should social and political movements turn to armed insurgency?

Refer to:
• Two (or more) sources of your own
• Foreign Policy podcast: “What Is the Breaking Point for Nonviolent Resistance?” Non-
violence scholar Erica Chenoweth and David Scheffer, lawyer and US Ambassador-at- Large for War Crimes Issues debate the topic here: global-thinkers/what-is-the-breaking-point-for-nonviolent-resist-2/

Question 2: Political communication is a key part of protest politics. Consider the effect of ‘framing,’ and its influence on environmental issues.

Refer to:
• Two (or more) sources of your own
• “Creating Legal Rights for Rivers: Lessons from Australia, New Zealand, and India” -O’Donnell & Talbot-Jones, 2018 (10pp)
• “Natural Capital and Ecosystem Services Informing Decisions: From Promise to Practice” – Guerry, Polasky et al, 2015 (8pp)
• “Is there a global enviornmental ljustice movement?”-Martinez-Alier,Temperetal,2016