Statistical Methods

Select a statistical approach to data analysis and locate an article or case that illustrates this statistical method.

Answer the following questions below about your article (Attached)
1. How are statistical methods similar and how they are different?
2. What is the influence of academic disciplines on the selection of a statistical method?
3. What are advantages and disadvantages of the various statistical method approaches?
4. What’s the Professional discipline of the article?
5. How does our course-designated reading for this week help you extend your analysis on statistical methods? (cited use of course readings are mandatory)
6. What was the statistical method used of the article you read?
7. What is the Philosophy of the article you read? (Identify)
8. How do you know? (philosophy)
9. Relate theory/concepts in your response

Required Reading (Attached)
Creswell & Creswell
Chapter 3 (pp. 52-74)
Chapter 8 pp. 147-156, 161-169, 172-173)
Chapter 9 (pp. 179-185, 189-198)

Citation for the article
Santos, Nunes, B., Kislaya, I., Gil, A. P., & Ribeiro, O. (2019). Elder abuse victimization patterns: latent class analysis using perpetrators
and abusive behaviours. BMC Geriatrics, 19(1), 117–117.