Summarize the Conversation

Using 1 paragraph per aricle, summarize these four articles following the CABIN Structure
Article 1: The other side is not dumb by Sean Blanda
Article 2: Why America is self segregating by Dana Boyd
Article 3: all words matter the manipulation behind ‘all lives matter by kelly coryell ( I cant find this aricle to attach and I cant copy it from my online textbook
Article 4: Could back english mean prison sentence? by John Mcwhorter
When you summarize texts, your summaries should always be CABIN summaries…
C for Comprehensive = capture the entire argument (but not all the details)
A for Accurate = capture the writer’s position and ideas fully and correctly
B for Brief = shorter than the original—typically 20-25% of the original
I for Independent = stand on its own (reader can grasp the argument without reading original)
N for Neutral = fair and without bias (especially when you disagree with the ideas)
Begin with the main idea and with introducing the article and the author and their credentials: