Supply Chain Management supplier relationship

After reading the 2 articles, please include the following answers and replies to your overall review and analysis.
1) What factors do you consider to be the priority items in building a strong supplier relationship?
2) What are the main reasons that these relationships usually fail?
3) If you are developing/outlining the supply strategy for your company, what areas would you place added emphasis?
4) How would you monitor to make sure that you did not deviate?
5) What are the best ways to shape your supply strategy?
6) Please detail any other pros, cons, or different ideas that you have regarding supply management.
The assignment should be typed using 12 font, double spaced. Page requirement is between 3 to 5 pages in length.
Need an introduction, each of the 6 questions should be their own paragraph, as well as a conclusion/summary. I will put the two pdf files that need to be used beneath. Can not have any plagiarism.