Synthesis Task

the instructions are unclear cause my teacher is a dingus but basically im have to summarize my findings then take those finds and talk about weihter or no they meet my objectives that i set in the beging of this project
his section should present the results of the data analysis that answer your research questions. It is necessary to share the specific values of the data (e.g., quotes or numbers) in the text. Visualizations of quantitative data through the creation of charts should be included to help communicate what the results are. Each research question you identify in the background must be answered in this section. Qualitative data and quantitative data can be used to answer all research questions. At a minimum, qualitative data must be used to answer at least one (1) research question and quantitative data can be used to answer at least two (2) research questions. Proper analysis and interpretation are critical for this section.

Notes on Results: While you will describe the findings in text (e.g., majority, few, etc.), it is absolutely essential to provide the specific values from your data. For qualitative data, it will be the words – quotes of what participants said. For quantitative data, it will be the numbers – means, frequencies, etc. of the respondents’ responses.