the ethics behind a social justice cause


This assignment requires that you construct a PowerPoint (or similar) presentation that explores the ethics behind a social justice cause or movement. People join social justice movements to achieve equity, inclusion, and justice for entities such as humans, nonhuman animals, and the environment.
Select a social justice movement and discuss how at least two ethical concepts listed below have been or could be used to create social change.
Your presentation must address the following:
Briefly explain the history of the social movement.
What ethical problem are activists hoping to solve?
What is their ethical motivation for joining together to elicit social change?
Include at least two of the following ethical concepts:
Free Will

Have at least 7 slides (including title and reference). Use the book as a reference and list it at the end of the presentation. You may include graphics or other visual aids to enhance your presentation. You can use two outside sources, I can speak to the expert or send them the link.