Pls no plagarism. The National Minimum Drinking Age Act (NMDAA) of 1984 has established age of 21 as a national drinking age. Every state is obliged to follow this act. However, despite all of measures and laws, underage drinking remains a serious health problem in the US. 40% high school seniors report using alcohol in the past month, and 90% report that alcohol is easy to obtain. Drinking by young people has numerous health and safety risks including injuries, impaired judgment, increased risk of assault, and death. The NMDAA has been challenged on several grounds, state right’s, youth rights, public safety. Questions to consider when writing the PAPER 1:
• Will reducing the drinking age make it easier to teach young people to drink responsibly? Will they be more amenable to being responsible if they are allowed to drink?
• Is the reducing the drinking age simply capitulating to the realities that young people drink?
• Will reducing the drinking age result in very young people driving under influence?
• Does the drinking age of 21 discriminate against young people?
• If the drinking age is lowered and problem surface, will it be easy to change the law back to 21?