The relationship between inflation in Venezuela and student performance in higher education

Words: 510
Pages: 2
Subject: Premium Writing

This piece of coursework is worth 30% of your overall module grade.
2800 words ± 10% (which excludes tables, references, and appendices).

Arial, size 11 or 12, 1½ line spacing, with justified margins. Pages should be numbered at
the bottom right.
Harvard referencing style should be used, and a minimum of twenty academic sources must
be referenced.
Thursday 26th January 2023, not later than 3:00pm GMT.


This coursework addresses learning outcomes 1, 2 and 3:
1. Demonstrate an ability to critically evaluate relevant literature and information.

2. Develop knowledge through use of appropriate research and practice.

3. Demonstrate capability to work autonomously and manage the investigation.
The quantitative research project should include the following sections and chapters;
however, the word lengths of the various sections are approximate and may change slightly
across different projects.

The criteria on pages 4-8 will be used to assess your work.
This coursework requires the collection of data using a questionnaire that contains mostly
closed-ended questions. A minimum of 50 completed questionnaires must be used for data

Title Page Include the title of the project, module code, module title, student
number and word count.
Abstract: This should be approximately 300 words in length and should
provide a synopsis of the project, stating the nature and scope of
work undertaken as well as the main findings and conclusions. The
abstract is excluded from the word count.

Table of Contents Please include a table of contents
List of Figures This is optional, but please include a list of figures if appropriate.
List of Tables This is optional, but please include a list of tables if appropriate.

Chapter 1:
The introduction provides the background to the research area. This
is likely to be an updated and modified version of introduction
produced in the earlier research proposal. The research question
and three objectives should also be provided within this section. (200
words, 7 marks).

Chapter 2:
Literature Review
The literature review should provide a brief and analytical review of
the main theoretical literature that is directly relevant to your project,
which is likely to be a detailed and updated account of the most
significant literature provided in the earlier research proposal. (500
words, 18 marks).

Chapter 3:
This chapter should consider how you are going to conduct your
research, and why you have chosen particular methods. This will
fundamentally be derived from your earlier research proposal;
however, this will have to be adjusted and edited to fit the flow of this
research project. You will have to clearly justify your research
strategy, sampling technique, identify and justify your sample size,
describe how you collected the data and how you will analyse the
data. In addition, you may also address research quality issues and
discuss how ethical matters have been managed. (500 words, 18

Chapter 4:
Findings and
This chapter involves presenting and analysing the quantitative data
you have collected from questionnaires. This is one of the most
important sections of the research project and this is where you add
value to your research findings. You should explain what you have
found and why it is important. You may examine your findings
against previous discoveries reported in the literature. If any
inconsistencies are evident, you should explain why such differences
may have occurred. (1300 words, 46 marks)

Chapter 5:
The conclusion chapter should not be used to present any new
material and should be a conclusion to the whole research project,
including whether the project answered the research question. The
conclusion may be structured around the research objectives shown
in Chapter 1. The conclusion chapter can be used to briefly outline
any recommendation for future action. (300 words, 11 marks)
List of References The list of references should include all sources used within this
research. You must use the Harvard referencing style. (Excluded
from word count).
Appendix An appendix should be used to provide evidence of data collection
tools, such as a copy of a questionnaire and SPSS output data.
(Excluded from word count).