Those affected by trauma due to childhood neglect

(Please use sub-headings as noted here in your paper)

Title page

Abstract Page (Abstract should be no longer than 100 words) (1 point)

Body of paper (no more than 12 pages)

Introduction (3 points)
Write two to three paragraphs that introduce the health promotion topic and purpose of your paper.

Health Promotion Issue (6 points)
Provide a description and literature review of the health issue that you are addressing.
Description of Health Issue
Review of the Literature

Role (supported with literature) (6 points)
Address the functional sub-roles as follows. Be sure to include the use of relevant advanced practice psychiatric nursing skills such as clinical judgment, care management, prioritization, interpersonal communication, cultural competency, client advocacy, quality assurance, and application of research. Address Psychiatric Nursing Standards by examining and incorporating information from one or more of the following:

AACN Essentials Domains & Concepts, NONPF Competencies, and/or IPEC Competencies.
Collaborator – with other psychiatric professionals and primary care providers or other mental health providers
Consultant – with other psychiatric professionals and primary care providers or other mental health providers

Summary (2 points)
Provide a two to three paragraph summation and answer the following:
How your knowledge of this specific health promotion issue will be generalized to enhance your practice as a nurse practitioner.
What changes would you suggest putting in to practice to improve health related to this topic?

References/Style (2 points)
Paper should be written in APA style with proper spelling, grammar and punctuation.

There should be a minimum of ten references, with at least six of these being journal articles, and most should be from the last five years. They do not all have to be from nursing, but need to be from professional journals. Remaining references can be textbooks and professional or government website.