Victims and Victimization

Essay rules:

1. Essay should have an introduction and a conclusion and should have a well-articulated thesis or theme statement.

2. There should be at least three separate content sections where we see describe the issue(s), define term(s), apply those to concrete / illustrative examples as well as analysis of those outcomes.

3. Must have a separate reference page with proper apa citations. Make sure it’s plagiarism free and in 12 font.

Essay on victims and Victimization :

What are the problems for crime victims?

What are the challenges when talking about victims in the press (race and equity)?

Describe theories have been used by criminologists to present data about victims and victimization

1/3 to 1/4 of Paper = Analysis and Insights:

Discuss the solutions to the challenges for victims by using data, research in two, three jurisdictions