water usage

Go to the following website and review the chart, Typical Water Uses at Home.
Water Questions and Answers: https://www.usgs.gov/special-topics/water-science-school/science/water-qa-how-much-water-do-i-use-home-each-day
Determine how much water you use in a typical week. Be very specific (use each category listed) and show calculations for you (and if possible each person in your home). Make your calculations and show totals in a spreadsheet. If there is something that you do not do (for example outdoor watering) put Not Applicable on the chart.

After reviewing your spreadsheet, answer the following:
How much water do you (or your family) use in a week, month, year?
How could you save water?
Determine how many people live in your town( 23,501 ). Based on your calculations, estimate how much water your town uses every year (by volume). How does your water use compare with other Americans?

This should be 300-500 words. APA Citations and References required as appropriate.