What are the classifications of ergogenic aids?

 What are Ergogenic aids?
 What are the classifications of ergogenic aids?
 Explain, Nutritional Ergogenic aids in detail.
 The paper should be written by a computer.
 There should be a cover page. Name, Family name, and ULID should be provided on the cover page.
 Assignment should not be less than 3 pages or more than 6 pages (except for references and cover page)
 The assignment template can be downloaded below. Below are specific points to follow:
 Page set-up: A4 format; margins: top, bottom, left, right=2.5 cm (about 0.98 in).
 Font: Times New Roman, size=12, (one row, for text); size=12, Title 13)
Notify: The APA reference style should be used for citation. References should be used both at the main text and at the end of the paper.
5 references should be used at least.

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