What are the specific ethical issues you will examine?

Please see attached document for the topic.

search for articles on ethical issues raised by the new or
emerging technology that you selected in Part 1. Locate at least four scholarly
sources to support your analysis. Develop an annotated bibliography, providing
a 150-word summary (main points and ethical issues), assessment (reliability,
bias, and goal of each reference), and reflection (Was the resource helpful?
How will it support your research study? Did your thinking change after reading
the resource?) for each source.

Professor notes on topic selection:
“Your final project topic is on the right track. As you continue to think about the topic you’ve selected, pay attention to these general considerations:
1) What are the specific ethical issues you will examine? Think about this within the broad context of what you’ve already identified.
2) How do different perspective(s) amongst stakeholders within your issue affect your ethical analysis?
3) How can your ethical analysis account both for what is true now and what is likely to change in the future?”