What in particular struck you as insightful or new about global issues?

At the beginning of the course you were asked to formulate your own idea of what is the most important global issue, and justify your idea.
Please, revisit that original assignment, and see what was your original thought. Then, re-visit the issues that we tackled the in the first part of the course:
1) The world of states and nation-states and the issue of nationalism.
2) The United Nations in world politics.
3) Global climate change.
4) Global health issues.
5) Feminism and women’s rights.
6) Economic issues of the world, poverty, and development
7) Power in the world, and the issue of large scale conflict.
Compare this list and our discussions to your original idea. Did you change your thinking about your preferred issue or issues as the result of the course so far? Why and in what way? What in particular struck you as insightful or new about global issues? What personal reflection do you have about what you learned so far? Please, make sure that your essay clearly shows familiarity with all the major issues that we discussed. Your essay must be based on discussion of the readings and issues covered in the class. You are welcome to bring in your own thoughts and research, but your grade will depend of familiarity with our class readings and discussions.
At least 5 pages, 1300 words, written in good, grammatical English. Please, cite and quote from our course readings and provide a bibliography. Bibliography can be in any consistent bibliographic style. If you are not sure how to cite, quote or create a bibliography, please, consult the following sources: