What is global or world Christianity, and what are major issues it raises for religious leaders today?

The paper is an expanded review and reflection on issues raised by Granberg-Michaelson’s book, as well as on readings about Christianity as a world religion.

After reading the book and other readings, select some of the basic ideas that interest you most.
Questions in the back of the book may help you to identify key issues relevant to the meaning of global Christianity today.
After summarizing the text, discuss the selected key ideas and issues that interest you. Then think missiologically, theologically, or historically about how these issues, and the meaning of global Christianity itself, is important to the public square, and/or to your personal vocation or ministry.

Suggested breakdown of paper: Introduction and textual summary 2-3 pages. Engagement with selected issues in relation to the texts. 2-3 pages. Reflection on significance of global Christianity and conclusion, 2-3 pages.

8 pages, 12 font, typed double spaced with one inch margins.

The uploaded pdf 1-10 and the one named Questions are the book of Granberg. The questions in the instructions are in the questions pdf.
The other pdf are for help.
If you can’t use them as sources