What is the specific design used for this research study?

Use the full-text article PDF obtained from the Leland Speed Library- CINHAL database:

NUR 313 Key.pdf

Review the article, focusing on the sections that report the analytic procedures and results. Consider the following appraisal questions in your critical review of this research article:

What is the specific design used for this research study? Was the design explicit in the article? Would you describe it in the same way?
What was the sample for this study? How were the subjects selected for recruitment?
Describe the data collection strategies. Were they appropriate for the study objectives?
Describe the procedure used for analysis. In what ways did this approach support the credibility and trustworthiness of the results?
Was the coding scheme emergent or predetermined?
What was appropriate about the reporting format? How could it have been strengthened?
Appraise the strength of this research as evidence for practice. In what ways could these findings be applied to nursing?
(Houser, 2018, p. 442)

A cover page is required as well as an introduction and conclusion. Utilized questions (abbreviated) as headings. It is important that the paper is free of mechanical errors and is compliant with APA format. Proper spelling and grammar are essential.