What level of education was required for this professional role?

Inter-professional collaboration is an essential part of the
field of healthcare. Patient care strategies to produce optimal outcomes
requires teamwork and collaboration. Now that you are at the end of the nursing
program, you are familiar with your scope of practice, but what about the scope
of practice of others who are working with you on the interdisciplinary care
This paper has the aim of helping to familiarize yourself with
the scope of practice of other healthcare professionals, what role they play in
patient care, and how they collaborate with nurses to improve patient outcomes.
Please select 2 of the professions listed and answer the below questions
pertaining to their role and function on the healthcare team. The goal is to
pick 2 professionals that you are not intimately familiar with. If you are (or
have been) and EMT, Respiratory Therapist, or Nutritionist, don’t pick those
Healthcare Professionals:
Respiratory Therapy
Physical Therapy
Occupational Therapy
Social Work
Speech Therapy
Licensed Practical
Questions to answer:
1. What level of education was required for this
professional role?
2. What are the basic roles and responsibilities
of the different professions?
3. How do these professionals collaborate with
nursing to assist with patient care?
4. What is their scope of practice? (Find on
professional websites)
5. Reflection: In your clinical experience so
far, how and when have you interacted with these inter-professional team
members and what was your impression of the experience? Did what you saw in
practice align with what you read about the professionals in the above
questions? If they weren’t there to help care for patients, how would that
affect your role and the care you provide to the patients as a nurse?
Your paper should be written in APA format with a Cover page and
Reference page. Each of the above questions should be a separate section of the
paper and should address both professions that you have selected.