What resources will you need to achieve self-authorship?

One part of this course is to reflect on your development in the course overall. The purpose of this paper is to outline your personal self-development plan.

Write a 4-6 page paper that includes the following:
1. What is your definition of self-authorship? (paragraph)

2. How would you know when you had reached a point of self-authorship? Where do you think you are now (i.e., on a scale of 1-10, how self-authored are you)? (1-1 ½ pages – give examples of each number “I think I am at a 6 because….”)

3. What are the three most important concepts in self-authorship? How do you plan to achieve those in your own life? What concepts did you learn in this course that will assist you with this? (1- 1 ½ pages)

4. What resources will you need to achieve self-authorship? Are those resources in place now? Why or why not? How do you plan to get them if they are not in place now? (1-1 ½ pages)

5. What are some (systemic) barriers to you achieving self-authorship? What is your plan for removing or disposing of those systemic barriers? (1-1 ½ pages)