what wavelength are in the sun

Research Paper Assignment
Please write a 4 – 6 page paper on any subject related to Physics that interests you. Topics can be things we’ve discussed in class, or can be other areas not covered. You may choose topics related to medical imaging, but be sure to focus on the physics (not biology, anatomy, or physiology of the human body).
Papers should be written in APA Format, which includes a cover page and a reference list at the end. Neither of these count toward the 4 – 6 pages. The body of the paper should be typed in 12-point Times Roman font, and should be double-spaced. Your references can be any legitimate science or educational website; you should not cite Wikipedia or even Google as your actual references. Please be sure to use APA Formatting for your in-text citations as well as for the reference list.
Papers are due at the beginning of class on Week 12, which is the day of the Final Exam. Papers must be submitted on Canvas (there is a submission link under Module 12) as either .doc or .pdf files. For this assignment, JPG pictures are not acceptable.
Happy researching!