Why Do Adolescents Seek Thrills?

Why Do Adolescents Seek Thrills?

Read Parts One and Two Carefully. Then, using Dr. Siegel’s theories on adolescent development, write a multi-paragraph essay and explain why the skaters “hill bomb.” You are essentially arguing that there are developmental reasons for the skater’s behavior. This is a paper that finds scientifically proven reasons for particular adolescent actions. You are using academic analysis from the discipline of psychology and biology to explain what is happening. You are discovering the deeper origins of the decision to hill-bomb.

Writing Task
In MLA format write a multi-paragraph 1000 word essay (four pages double spaced) about what drives the adolescents to hill bomb. These young men are not young teens but they are still operating from the late stages of adolescence.

In Your Paper

Create an introduction that gives a background of the film and a brief synopsis of Dr. Siegel’s perspective. Your introduction will give context for your analysis. This means you need to write a brief explanation of the clip and Dr. Siegel’s theories to set up the analysis. Your thesis is an argument that the behavior of the young skaters is driven by the adolescent qualities that Siegel presents to the reader. You may choose from parts one and two.
Use time-stamps from the film and page numbers from Brainstorm the Power and Purpose of the Teenage Brain as in-text citations. Use these texts only. See MLA formatting.
Write well-developed body paragraphs about how the juveniles or the skaters exemplify Dr. Siegel’s Ideas. You will write about any of the concepts in parts one and two of Brainstorm. Please refer to the explanations in the text to elaborate on your ideas. Use quote sandwiches.
Conclude with an understanding of Siegel’s ideas.
Your body paragraphs will focus on topics that define and explain teenage behavior.

You need to choose at least three concepts and write three separate paragraphs.


Increased Emotional Intensity

Social Engagement

Creative Exploration



Dopamine Drive


or any other Dr. Siegel concept in parts one and two.