women in sports: early restriction: clothing

Words: 260
Pages: 1
Subject: Premium Writing

Course: 20th
Century U.S. Womens Sport
Examines the social
and political issues in women’s sport in US twentieth century
history. Gender constructions and tensions as they intersect with
race, ethnicity, class, and sexuality are explored.
In what ways has clothing impacted women’s experiences in sport and physical activity? In what ways were women from different subcultures impacted differently? How have these restrictions changed over the years?

sure to answer the prompt completely; incorporate at least one direct
quote, in quotation marks with proper in text ctitation, from the
readings/lecture; and provide an in depth level of discussion.

Please read the items attached.
textbook reading – Schultz, What Shall We Wear For Tennis (see attached)
not just early olympic fashion (see attached)
lecture (see attached)