world war 2 assignment

What did you do during the War, Grandma?

Thousands of oral histories have been conducted with the men who fought during World War II, either in Europe or the Pacific. But, what about the mothers, sisters, daughters, or wives they left behind. Here is the link to the website of the same name as the assignment. (Links to an external site.)

Although the interviews were conducted in 1997, that does not make them any less valuable. The generation that fought the Second World War are passing away and with them their stories. What you are to do for this assignment

There are 26 different oral history interviews. Write about three of the oral histories. Explain why you chose the interviews you did. What comments made in the interviews impacted you the most? What else did you observe from these interviews? What has changed for women since the 1940s? Can some of the insights from these women during WWII apply to the situations of women whose husbands, brothers, or sons serve in the armed forces today, or even for women who serve in our military?

Minimum 3 Pages