Write a comparative essay is adopted from the work of Vicki Visis and Jerry Plotnick from the University of Toronto.

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Write a comparative essay is adopted from the work of Vicki Visis and Jerry Plotnick from the University of Toronto.Your essay must be eight to ten pages in length, typed in New Times Roman with one-inch margins, and in Harvard or MLA style. The essay is valued at fifty points (20% of your final grade). Purpose Using the structure of a comparative essay, complete an assessment of the novel, The Coffee Trader, against the academic material presented in this class; specially with reference to the culture-economics relationship and its impact on global societies. Novel Background The novel by David Liss, The Coffee Trader, is the story about the 17th century Amsterdam Commodity Exchange. Throughout the novel, Liss writes about the political and economic rules that favored Dutch traders. With reference to the culture-economics relationship of its time, the protagonist, Miguel Lienzo, a Jewish refugee from the Portuguese Inquisition, finds himself at a trading disadvantage. Deeply in debt, Lienzo gambles on a rare commodity, coffee, to become financially solvent and forestall expulsion from the Exchange and the country. Assignment Details Write a comparative essay comparing and/or contrasting the state of Miguel Lienzo’s life to four assigned articles or books from this class. Indicate the ways in which these ideas, relative to the culture and economics of the various indigenous groups discussed in this course, compare or contrast with similar ideas in the novel. The structure of your essay must include an introduction, body, and conclusion. Within the body of the comparative essay, include: (a) a summary of events from the novel that relate specifically to the chosen academic sources; (b) the comparative effects of the culture-economics relationship relative to the Amsterdam Commodity Exchange using your academic sources as the basis of the comparison; (c) justification for the similarities and differences used as evidence to support your argument; and (d) a rank ordering of similarities and differences based on their importance to your essay. Grading Criteria Your grade for this comparative essay will be based on: (a) the quality of your comparison topics regarding the academic ideas; (b) how specifically your essay includes the suggested above structure; and (c) the overall quality of writing.