Write a comparative review of the proposed CT legislature tied to a social problem.

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Write a 3-page comparative review of the proposed CT legislature tied to a social problem I will add one of the links below so you can see the website my teacher sent me. No plagiarism is allowed. Any plagiarism found on this assignment for me will be an automatic zero on this assignment. https://www.cga.ct.gov/2023/ba/pdf/2023SB-01177-R000448-BA.pdf 3 outside sources are required Course Overview and Objectives: This course is designed to provide detailed analysis of major social problems in American society. Problems including population, ecology, poverty, race and ethnic relations, urbanization, the role of media, criminal activity, aging, health, and housing will be evaluated. Emphasis is on American Society, but some international issues and circumstances will be examined. Community awareness and involvement will be stressed as students evaluate local issues as well. This course encourages students to see and understand issues from multiple perspectives to facilitate a deeper and more systematic understanding of topics which concern them. Students will study and analyze news and current events from various media sources including digital and print. Students will also be challenged to collaborate and debate. Ultimately this course aims to encourage students to think creatively and critically about how they understand, consume, and react to contemporary issues and questions of power at stake in today’s world.