Write an essay of literary interpretation with a focus of your choice about one or two works.

Write an essay of literary interpretation with a focus of your choice about one or two works. Some
focus options include: the role of history, writing the body, borderlands, gender, importance of race
or ethnic pride. Make sure that your essay draws on examples from the text(s) you focus on and
explains what is significant about the choices made by the author of each work you analyze.

Grading Criteria:
1. Clarity of expression and focus: Write to an audience not acquainted with the subject, assuming
the reader has no knowledge of the text in question. Make sure that in the beginning and the
end of your paper you specify in broad terms the analytical focus/query/perspective of your
paper (this can be a thesis, but it can also be a guiding question). As you develop each point
of your paper, make sure that you have given all information necessary to follow your point, that
you have given evidence to support your claims, and that you have explained how your evidence
supports your views/points.
2. Close analysis of primary works: You are expected to provide examples; to quote from the
work(s); and to analyze the content, form, and significance of the examples/quotes you use.
If you propose an interpretation of a quote or broad phenomenon in the text, make sure to explain
how/why you arrive at that interpretation. Please also make sure to provide the context for quotes
you use.
3. Further research, and the use of sources that have not been assigned for this class, is not
required for this assignment. If you do conduct research for your work, you will have to cite all
sources you consult to avoid plagiarism, and it is NOT advisable to consult and rely on wikipedia
entries, blogs, or self-published papers online, as these are not reliable sources. Please use the
UCONN library to find academic books and articles to use for sources. If you are not certain if a
source is reliable, please consult the professor or teaching assistant.
4. Style, formatting, and citations: Use MLA style including a Works Cited page to format your
paper and for citations (First page must include your name on top left of paper and a title that is
centered. Pages must be numbered). Please cite, including page numbers where available, of all
sources, including assigned readings. Assigned readings may be missing some citation information,
and you are not responsible for information you cannot find. You can use “n.a.” for missing
information for assigned sources.