3 Cybersecurity Discussion Boards

Discussion Board 1:What is the best value that should be assessed when evaluating the worth of an information asset to the organization – replacement cost or lost income while repairing or replacing? What is the likelihood value of a vulnerability that no longer requires consideration? Cite resources and references that can support your assertions. (minimum 100 words)
Discussion Board 2:PKI is used extensively in the U.S. federal government. However, it has not caught on in the business and commercial sectors. Why is this the case? In your opinion, what is the future of PKI? Do alternate methods such as those proposed by the FIDO Alliance (URL: https://fidoalliance.org) offer a viable alternative to PKI? (minimum 100 words)
Discussion Board 3:Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) was designed to address the limitations of Version 4 (IPv4). What cybersecurity-related enhancements have been incorporated into IPv6? The adoption of IPv6 has been pretty slow across both the public and private sectors. What reasons can you attribute to this? Cite resources and references that support your assertions. (minimum 100 words)

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