Action Research Part A

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Task Post the following:

1. Topic you plan to study
Topic: What are the impacts of technology in education for elementary students?

2. Three research questions that you will consider using as a basis for an action research study in your classroom or educational setting.

3. A rationale for each of your three questions, explaining how your questions reflect an issue, problem, idea, or dilemma that you identified in Part A

4. Include your results from testing your research questions in the Litmus Test Game.

5. Include any data you have collected in your educational setting as support.
Pros: Student learned how to use the computer to search for apps to get to classroom assignments.
Con: students did not have to write so many of my 2nd graders do not know how to write on notebook paper. Also books where read to them online so they never learned for to read for themselves.

You can add some more information that you can think of.

6. Write a 2-3 paragraph contextual summary describing the background information of your Topic. Be sure to explain the following in your contextual summary: (Make sure you label each sections)
A. The continued challenge, issue, idea, or dilemma that is important to you that relates to P–12 student learning in your classroom or learning environment where you have control.

7. An explanation of requisite background information that informed the problem, such as:

B. Past and current data (i.e., test-score data) related to the context of the problem.
In the past student scored higher on state exam, now post pandemic they are scoring well below average. They are losing basics writing and drawing skills and not retaining as much since they are not writing anything down. Just clicking keys on the computer.

a. The context of your classroom setting in a way for others to understand your rationale for choosing this topic to pursue for your research, including:
This school year out motto is “Getting back to the Old School, with a futurists mindset”. The old school was using pencil and paper, but today a lot of the students work has to be done on the computer and they are losing a lot of their basic motor skills like writing and holding a pencil.

i. Relevant demographic data
Church Street Elementary school Demographic

b. Scholarly research from the literature that supports your decision to pursue this journey of inquiry.

c. Include at least 2-3 past and current data collected about your topic.