Advocacy Report on NDIS

instruction given by teacher

How should I divide up the essay?
I would look at the four main areas that you need to cover, take off 100- 200 words for the executive summary and then divide them up equally (i.e. give them equal attention). This assessment needs to be done in a report format and include academic referencing.

Should I be referencing and citing in-text the policy I am focusing on?
Absolutely!!!!! This is critical as it shows that you have read and understand the policy- very hard to say you want to change something if you have never read the key parts of it!

What are the key texts that I ought to be using?
Apart from using the actual policy, you have picked- you will need to use the key texts as outlined in the previous post. The marking rubric is quite clear that you need to demonstrate an understanding of the rational and political processes in policy development- and you need to present an understanding of policy practice, including analysis and advocacy. Have a look at the unit guideline regarding the topics and the key readings. You can only demonstrate this by telling me how they understand this and citing this in-text (and, of course, referencing).

How specific do I need to be with a brief scan of organizations and what they are working for policy change?
This assessment is meant to demonstrate your understanding of social policy theory and its application to the real world. So yes- you need to be specific on the organizations you have identified and what policy changes they are working on (and you will need to reference them!). This then forms the basis of your beginning plan for change! So do your work and find a range of organizations and which government department (and minister) is responsible.