Evidence base practice on efficacy of masks

Evidenced Based Practice Projects

Identify your clinical question. Please email the NRP faculty your group
member names and the topic/clinical question to be researched. Please find a topic that is related to nursing.
Identify 5-6 research articles that are peer reviewed
and less than 5 years old. Each article will be summarized in the literature
review grid. Send completed grid by due
date along with articles.
3. As a group, you will write four
sections in a word document.
Please provide 2 paragraphs for each section. You may also provide graphs, charts, or any
pictures you would like displayed.
a. Background/Introduction – Provide any background on
this topic and why it is important. You
may state some statics here (ie, CDC says this….)
b. Methodology – this is a summary of what you
did to find articles. State search
engines used, key words used, how you narrowed down your search.
c. Results – This is a summary of your
d. Recommendations – how you recommend this
practice to be used at JPS or in a particular patient setting.
e. Reference page with articles
from the Literature Review Grid
Send completed word document to NRP faculty by due date