Alternative career paper. Dental Hygienist owning a Dental Office

Usually, a Dental Hygienist (person that cleans teeth) works underneath a Dentist (who is a doctor), the dentist happens to be the owner of the office in most cases.
The paper is on the alternative: A dental hygienist owns the office, what encouragements are out there, pros and cons, any office conflicts that may arise. I have included a personal interview as well as 5 sources that I have found.

7-8 pages in length consisting of:
1 title page

5-6 page body:

Include an introduction that provides an overview of the
content that will be addressed
Provide sub-headers throughout the body that address
specific content areas
Include a closing paragraph that summarizes the concepts

1 References page: (a minimum of 5 sources are required, use
peer-reviewed sources whenever possible)

1. Investigate
a Career Alternative
Choose a Career Alternative (you
might use one from the ADHA’s Education and Careers page).
This may include (but is not limited to): teaching
dental hygiene, dental hygiene program director, sales representative, ownership, research, or state/regional oral health directors. Consider discussing
duties/responsibilities, advantages/challenges, pay and educational
You can also investigate a midlevel provider that is
currently in operation. Consider discussing scope of practice, supervision
requirements, advantages/challenges, educational requirements, efficacy and
legislative efforts.