Analytical poem essay

Directions: Choose one poem, and in a well-written 650-word analysis or explication
essay, show the relationship or connection between some of your chosen poem’s poetic features (rhyme
scheme, rhythm, figurative language, literary devices, etc.) and the poem’s possible meaning. Make sure
that your essay is written in accordance with MLA 9th edition guidelines and standard American English
conventions. Use the bibliographic information provided for each poem to compile the accurate entry for your Work(s) Cited list. If you use additional resources, also remember to include an entry for each source referenced
as well. Remember, you must cite each source in the text itself to avoid plagiarism, and you must have a
corresponding entry in the Work(s) Cited list with the full bibliographic details for a reader who may want
to view the original work. Again, follow the MLA 9th edition documentation style scrupulously.
Keep the following in mind: an analysis or an explication is not a plot summary. Although you may use a
brief overview of the text in your introduction, do not resort to retelling the story in the poem or
engaging in re-writing each line of the poem or making unsubstantiated claims about the poem. Instead,
start each body paragraph with an assertion – some insight you have discovered by reading the poem,
follow up with textual evidence (properly cited) whether it be a quote or a paraphrase of a line from the
poem to support your claim, and end each paragraph with the analysis – your explanation of how the
author uses poetic techniques to create meaning in the poem. Don’t forget to use transitional words or
phrases to connect your paragraphs.


Little Blue Butterfly

Why so blue my little butterfly
is it because you cannot fly
have they closed the windows on you
dimmed your pretty shades of blue?
Why do you perch along the ledge
have you lost your nature hedge
Are you waiting for the sun’s allege
for it to cause a little open wedge?
Why do they trap you inside like this
and take you away from your magic abyss
Do they not know that your wings are amiss
when they shut the world on you like this?

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