letter to Parents /guardians /families share views regarding how teachers , families and the community can work together productively for the benefit of Children ages 2-5 years

Purpose: This assignment is to support self-reflection how we feel about our role and the participation of others in the world of childcare.
 The letter should be 5 paragraphs :
 Introduction of Director:
 -Who are you?
 -Why you chose to be a director ( Beyond….”I love Children”)
 -What is your philosophy regarding director, family and community collaboration with
regards to the future impact of children?
Conversation about possibility: Clearly state the mission you hold for the children, families, school and community.
 This is a statement of aspirations.
 The great vision for the future for the children.
 What might just be possible if everything were perfect?
Conversation about opportunity: The here-and-now actions the community of the school faces in the operation:
 This should be 2 paragraphs.  A specific issue to address:

Preschool Administration And Management
 Examples but not limited to (choose only one); discipline, immunizations epidemic, biters, funding.
 Specify exactly what the current concern the school community might be facing. You may want to bring statistics and resources in this paragraph.
 What is a long term goal/resolution to address this issue?
 A goal should be measurable for success. Simple resolutions must be stated. Invitation to commit: Invite the families to help the school with specific suggestions and or ideas for involvement.
 How can the families contribute (partner) toward success with each goal or goals? Specify the means of involvement.
 Salutation: Sincerely, Respectfully, Here’s to team work
 Your Name.