Anxiety in College-Level Students – ANALYSIS PLAN

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My Hypothesis: Student’s GPA will be positively correlated with scores on the Beck Anxiety Inventory.

List the variables included in my hypothesis. For each, indicate the following:
What type of variable (independent or dependent).
What type of data will you collect relative to each variable (nominal, continuous, ordinal)
Describe how you plan to analyze the data. What statistical test will you use? How will you whether or not your hypothesis is supported?
HINT: Look at the results section of studies using the same measure for a model.

it’s time to map out how you will test my hypothesis. In order to do that, you must know what type of data you are going to need in order to test it and then create a tool (survey) that will yield the data you’ve identified. In order to address these issues, you will submit an analysis plan outlining your variables and indicating what type of inferential statistic you will use. As a starting point, virtually all of the projects in this course use a correlation, t-test, or an ANOVA; review those before branching out any further.

I have attached the analysis plan rubric and the literature review I have if you like to refer to some of the articles on there.