autoethnography writing about the way you write for 48 hours

Words: 247
Pages: 1
Subject: Premium Writing

After you track your writing you will do the following:
 Write, in essay form, what you discovered about the types of writing you do. What does
this say about you as a person and how you view yourself as a writer. What do your
writing practices say about your life, culture, beliefs, and morals?
 To whom do you write? Friends, family, boy/girlfriend, mother, sister, boss. If you find
that you write to a couple of people every day why is this important for you? What does
this say about your daily audience when writing?
 What is your voice? In other words, how do you write? What words or language style do
you use? Do you write primarily in slang, using text language and/or emoticons? Do
you write poetry or lyrics? What does this say about your identity?