Business Research Method

You are asked to produce a report, which consists of three activities:
Section 1. Please provide a detailed critique of at least two well-used research methodologies.
Section 2. Please construct a research instrument that could be used to collect data in your capstone project.
You will not be collecting any data – just designing the tool.
Section 3. Please reflect upon the audience and critical aspects of research dissemination in the specific
context of your potential research findings and outcomes from the developed instrument.
Should you fail the assessment on the first attempt and be referred to retake the coursework, only the failed
individual elements will need to be reworked, with 10% of the re-sit mark awarded for an additional reflective
statement demonstrating how you learnt from the feedback and what you did differently the second time.

The final report should be submitted via Moodle to a turn-it-in box and will be graded according to the following
marking criteria (see more instructions of the writing of above sections outlined under “Structure and
presentation” below):

Section 1 – Clarity and justification of
research problem

Section 1 – For the literature analysis,
breadth and depth of explored research
with a clear focus emerging

Section 1 – Critique of two specific
research methods

Section 2 – Demonstration of the proposed
research instrument’s potential for new
knowledge generation and rigour in
deduction of conclusions

Section 3 – Comprehensive appraisal of
research dissemination requirements

All sections – Form and presentation 10%
(this section only for main submission)

Applies to re-sit only – Reflective section
marked instead of “Form and Presentation”