READ a lecture/lesson from CALI, draft an original Lesson Summary, submit it through SafeAssign, review the “Originality Report”, if applicable, revise to eliminate any “matching” (excluding title, name, and credentials), save as a DOC or PDF file, attach/upload.
Below you’ll find the lectures/lessons, and the “Lesson Summary” expectations.
Each Lesson Summary must include the following information:
The complete title of the lecture/lesson (1 point)
Full name of the author or presenter (1 point)
Summarize his/her qualifications, experience, and/or credentials (3 points)
Draft three to five (original) sentences summarizing the main points of the lecture/lesson (10 points)
Draft one to two (original) sentences demonstrating the lecture’s/lesson’s relevance to this course (10 points)
Attached you’ll find a copy of the lesson please follow instructions professor is very picky.