* What role do VLANs play in modern networks and network design?

*****Discussion Question 1*****


Answer the following questions in full paragraph form as though you are responding to job interview questions.
* What role do VLANs play in modern networks and network design?
* How can the VLAN Trunking Protocol (VTP) and VTP Pruning be used by network administrators or technicians in order to increase overall efficiency?
* From a network administration perspective, do you see any potential problems that could arise as a result of using VTP?
Please be sure to validate your opinions and ideas with citations and references in APA format.


Basic Device Configuration
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1. Provide two examples of ways that a good understanding of networking models may help students professionally.
2. Provide at least one additional way in which you agree with the original post about the role that management addressing plays in networking.
3. Provide at least two questions that you would like to ask the original post’s author about their explanation of the differences between routers and switches.

How do you see yourself applying knowledge from this course?
I believe this course will be important when understanding and implementing security on networks. Learning, understanding, and knowing how networks operate and work is vital in being able to understand when and where security vulnerabilities can occur. Being able to predict and find these vulnerabilities in a network and address them as soon as possible can make an enormous difference when it comes to organizations and their finances, resources, and public opinion.
Global Knowledge (2018) explained that the bulk of network infrastructure is made up of routers and switches and this bulk is vulnerable to attacks. Therefore, it is very reasonable to believe the understanding of how to secure routers and switches would be important in the world of cyber security.

Hello everyone, my name is Jermaine, and I am a radar field support representative. I want to use the information gained in this course to have a clearer idea about how the network configuration effects the communication between the remote-control stations and the radars that I maintain. The switch management address is used to configure which specific subnet the switch communicates within. The management address allows a layer 2 switch to act similar to an default gateway, transmitting, and receiving frames between devices. The difference between switches and routers is that switches deal within a LAN while routers handle communication between the LAN and the rest of the internet.

*****Discussion Question 2*****

Answer the following prompts in full paragraph form as though you are responding to job interview questions for a high-paying job that you really want. Include sufficient detail to demonstrate you have a solid understanding of the concepts and you can explain your thinking very well.
* Why is it important to create a detailed plan before you deploy a Linux installation?
* What is a needs assessment and how does it help with a Linux deployment?